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Hi , I need a bit of help with speeding up a bit. I can run the distances I want pretty comfortably at a steady 8.5 - 9 mph, but when I try to knock a bit of time off my 5, 7 or 10 mile routes I run out of steam pretty quickly. How can I go about knocking a bit of time off and running comfortably at a slightly faster pace. Any advice welcome - thanks in advance.

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My own opinion, is that you need to keep working on your aerobic base (easy, conversational paced runs) a couple of times a week. Also, do speed work once a week with some intervals/hillwork added in every two or three weeks.
Worked for me ...

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if you can 9 miles in a hour you won't have much problem (9 mph)!!!! what has worked for me is when I am doing a short run say 5 miles I run one mile easy and then run the middle section fast (say 2 miles) and then last mile easy. keep doing this and you will you will be able to run the entire 5 miles at fast pace. eventually you will then be able to extend the speed session to up ten miles. in terms of long runs (say 13-22 miles) run the last portion of the run at a long run pace while doing the first portion at slower than normal pace. say 8 miles slow and last 5 fast at goal pace. eventually you will be able to run 20 miles at race goal pace.
this will occur over a period of 3 -4 months
be careful tho- you should only do this every 2 weeks max and only do one speed session in any one week. enter a few races too and core work as well. the failure to do the latter will lead to injury. (as I have found out to my cost) join a club too