Running shoes blister - please help!

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 Hi all,
I received a pair of Brooks Glycerin 13 via mail order and immediately noticed the "snugness" of the fit due to the extra cushioning. I take size 9 in a regular shoe but 9.5 in Brooks running shoes.
I've been for three runs now and immediately developed a blister on the topside of the toe next to the little one, on my right foot.This worsened with each run so I've gone back to my old Glycerin 12.
I wear ordinary trainer socks - would double layer socks make any difference?
I'm getting a size 10 replacement but unsure if this will make much difference. Never worn a 10 before or had this problem with Brooks.
I've also got a 10km race next Sunday so need to resolve this asap!
Thanks in advance for any ideas/ advice.