3k- what is a good time ??

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Hi there, I've been running since Feb this year, done a good few 5k fun runs. Finding it hard to run a 5k in less than 30 mins ( I do have asthma in my defence !) Haven't been running for  about 6 weeks as I was sick, so starting back again doing 3k runs this week to start. I was wondering what is a good average time for 3k ? I did it today in 15 mins and was reasonably happy with that bearing in mind I'm not an actual athlete or super fit.

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Hi princess, are you doing a 5 minute/km flat out for the 3k or is this a training pace?
A 3k time trial is a good guesstimate of your VO2max capacity and can be a measure of what your potential is.
You don't give any indication of what your training schedule is like and how much or varied your program is.
First I would build up your run volume in the week at a steady pace to get a reasonable aerobic base fitness. Then to maximise your 5k potential I would be including some interval runs once per week. Try a 15 minute warmup followed by repeating x3 times - 4 minutes fast , 6 minutes recovery and a 5 minute warm down. Try and keep the effort in the fast sections the same across the repeats. Gradually build this up to x5 times repeat and then reduce the recovery time.
Including tempo (near race pace) and interval sessions will increase your speed for 5k racing. Having a good base aerobic fitness will help carry your speed over for longer endurance runs and 10k

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Hi Princess, it's all relative. What's fast for one person is not-so-fast for another. I too am only getting back after 6 weeks off and my pace is almost 2 mins per km slower, but I'm taking it easy having said that. As was said, do more slow runs (conversational pace) and one speed session a week. Speed will come in time, if you run correctly the pace will take care of itself with practice.